The Winter Olympics are coming to Evo!

This week we are launching The Evo Home Games!

The Evo Home Games is available for all our members and their children to get involved in. We will have three categories: Male, Female and Youth and there will be a winner of each category.

This is a chance for us to celebrate progress, fitness and all we can achieve together. We know that having a focus and a challenge can be a great way to achieve our goals. As you know we just love to celebrate fitness here, so as much as this is a competition it’s a celebration of our community with an added challenge!

Throughout the month of February we will be releasing an event each week that members can choose to compete in. We will be getting video evidence of completion so there is no cheating!

At Evo, you can guarantee that the workouts will be challenging and fun so combining it all into the Evo Home Games will a great way to work through the grey month of February!

If you want to join us and get involved, get in touch with Tracy to find out about our member packages.

About the Author Danny Meade

My job is to motivate, support and push people to break through their barriers and help them realise what they’re truly capable of. A huge reason why The Evolution Project was attractive to me, and so many members, is the community feel around the place – you come in and sometimes you feel like never leaving.