At Evolution Project we want everyone to find themselves in a safe place to reach their goals. We say it’s like a gym but a lot better because that’s what our members tell us.

We will push you beyond your limits, helping you become stronger, fitter and healthier everyday. People join us because they want a more personalized experience working with people who really care – and our whole team are dedicated to making sure you work hard and achieve your goals in line with your lifestyle.

We transform lives and we help you become you, the best version of you and most importantly, we have fun while we do it.

You might choose to join one of our 8-week programmes or an exclusive 1:1 programme with one of our trainers. If you do, you can expect:

  • Full nutritional guidance and support provided. We show you the exact path to achieve the body of your dreams
  • Our classes are the best in the business! Our highly motivational & effective workouts will rapidly transform your body
  • Our expert personal trainers will inspire & motivate you to achieve goals beyond what you believed possible
  • We are passionate about nutrition! We will teach you the secret weapons that will torch your body fat & add lean & firm muscle
  • We cater for all levels of fitness. You will be fully coached & supported no matter what your experience or injuries

If you join us as a member you’ll become part of a tribe so that one our personal trainers checks in to make sure you’re hitting the goals you have set for yourself. Whatever you want to achieve, at Evo we will be the people to help you get there.

frequently asked questions

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What results can I expect and how soon?

I have never weight trained, can I still take part?

Will I be able to stick to your nutrition programme?

Where are you based?

Our 8 Week Transformation Program Has Thousands Of PROVEN results!

Our Goal & Passion Is Helping You Achieve Results Beyond Your Expectations !