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 rediscover YOUR confidence, lose weight and get toned.

Why Should YOU Work With Us?


Our classes are highly effective, addictive and outrageously fun! Within 10 days of starting you will start to lose weight and get toned


A fun and non-intimidating environment where the community support you as much as the trainers.


Our passion is helping people get results beyond what they believed possible. Powerful nutrtional education

The evolution project


We Will Coach, Educate & Support You To Achieve Results Beyond Your Expectations !

Why You Should Work With Us

The most inspirational and effective classes in the UK.

A tried and tested nutritional program that will transform your body & health

A fun and non-intimidating environment where the community support you as much as the trainers.


Come & See US

Come in for a chat to tell us more about your personal goals. Choose from our range of programmes which journey is right for you.

Kick Off Your Journey

We are going to give you crystal clear education on how to eat/train to quickly lose fat and get toned.

Support & Accountability

You will be supported and coached throughout your entire programme.

Incredible Results

Watch your body change and your energy levels reignite!

We understand how hard it can be TO LOSE WEIGHT AND TONE UP


Your energy is low, you don’t feel confident in your clothes and you struggle to stick to a diet or a training regime. You also find gyms boring and intimidating when you are not sure how to get results.

That is exactly why we built Evo! We wanted to build a place and a community where ordinary people get extra ordinary results.

We focus on the 3 key areas you need to address to get fast and long lasting results.

  • Highly Effective Training  
  • A Powerful Nutrition Plan
  • Increased Motivation & A Mindset Shift

We have helped thousands of people change their body and lives. Check our review and our results and you will see that this is our life’s passion.


"I'm 61 and a late convert to exercise. Evo is one of the easiest, the most simple, the most powerful changes you'll ever bring to your life and the results speak for themselves. I signed up for the eight week challenge, immediately I saw and felt dramatic changes in both strength and stamina. Five months since starting at Evo, I'm over 2.5 Stones/35Llbs/16Kg lighter and my metabolic age has gone from a tearfully shocking 76 years on day one, to age 49 years now.

These are small classes in a well-equipped gym with a range of great trainers that intuitively seem to know your limits and how to gently push you beyond them with startling results. You’ll never get bored, it’s a different workout every single time. Just turn up, follow the instruction and enjoy."


"When I started the 8-week Evo challenge in October 2021 I was fat, unfit, fifty-something and menopausal – not a great combination! I honestly felt that I was too old to ever regain my shape and energy levels but realised that I had to do something because time was ticking.

The challenge was hard work but the results were absolutely worth it. So much so that I joined as a member and signed up for an even harder 8-week challenge! In total I’ve managed to lose 22.6 inches overall and 22 kilos (that’s about 49 pounds in old money!) But more importantly I look and feel so much better, am definitely fitter and have more energy for life. The whole Evo team are a massive part of why the programme is so effective and successful. They’re a great bunch of individuals, each with their own unique personality and style. But without exception they are professional, passionate, supportive, encouraging and above all kind (very important to a novice like me!) I can’t thank them enough for helping me become a happier, healthier version of my best self. Please, if you’re reading this and feel like I did before I joined check out Evo and see if can do for you what it did for me."


"The transformation challenge itself is a fully-supported mind and body overhaul which left me feeling fitter, happier and fully energised.

The coaches and the community are what make Evo special and set it apart from a normal gym. A quiet word on technique, a side comment that you're "going light" and always welcoming you by name... you're never left alone to worry that you're doing something wrong.

A special place... not many other things could drag me out of bed at 5am every day!!"


I started at Evo as a very unfit and overweight 50 something, who hadn’t been near a gym in 20 years. To be totally honest I wasn’t sure I’d even manage the 8-week Transformation challenge - I was so scared I just wouldn’t be good enough.

Well, not quite sure what happened but Evo certainly hooked me in!!! I absolutely love everything about Evo. I’ve met some really lovely people who are now friends, and the coaches are amazing - they all certainly push you!!

So 18 months, 1 Transformation and 3 Metcon challenges later I am chuffed! I can now happily go clothes shopping having dropped 3 sizes and quite a few pounds!!! I never thought I’d say I’d become addicted to going to a gym but I certainly love it!! Everyone is so supportive and encouraging - Evo has certainly become a lifestyle change, Thank you Evo!!!


Our 8 Week Transformation programme Has Thousands Of PROVEN results!

Our Goal & Passion Is Helping You Achieve Results Beyond Your Expectations !