The Benefits Of Personal Training (PT)

Have you ever wanted to be able to do something but are unsure of the process to achieve the  end result? A prime example of this for me is putting together a flat pack, I’m woeful at stuff like  this, but having the instructions written out is a great first step along the way. Now, I admit, it’s  not the best analogy for why some people need PT but it’s a definite start! There are several reasons why people turn to PT as well as classes, this can include having that  extra push, learning a new skill under supervision, motivation, performance/aesthetic based  goals driving you to follow a specific plan and rehabilitation following an injury. 

Getting your “mojo” back 

Some people love the social aspect of PT and just finding their groove again. If you want to ease  yourself in after a couple of months out then having a block of PT sessions is a great idea. The  goal can be specific, measured and evaluated as you go through! Plus there is always a friendly  face to chat to you and spur you on. 

Developing technique 

Having a 1-1 training session allows you to build a relationship with your coach, and in turn you  develop trust. This then allows the coach to find out what your real goals are and create a path  from A to B on how to get reach them. Alternatively, if it’s a new skill you’re wanting to learn,  whether it’s sumo deadlifts or a clean and jerk, having a coach take you through the different  stages of the movement is the best way to avoid injury and increase your chances of success in  learning the correct movement pattern. There could be several sessions building up to  performing the full movement and then you could tweak any changes you might need to along  the way. 

Specific goals for events or weight loss 

If you want to develop greater leg strength or improve power for an event (OCR, marathon,  cycling event etc.) PT allows the element of specificity to be drawn into a programme. Weight  loss might be the goal and PT allows more knowledge to be shared to ensure the programme is  designed to cater for specific needs. 

Rehabilitation after an injury 

Rehabilitation from an injury is important as there will be a certain exercise selection that will  support your recovery. For instance, if someone has been advised to avoid explosive exercises  for a certain amount of time then having PT to strengthen the area that is inhibited and affecting  them will enable them to speed up the recovery process and get stronger in other areas in the  meantime. 

Anyone can benefit from PT, so why wait? Jump on board now!

About the Author Danny Meade

My job is to motivate, support and push people to break through their barriers and help them realise what they’re truly capable of. A huge reason why The Evolution Project was attractive to me, and so many members, is the community feel around the place – you come in and sometimes you feel like never leaving.