Start Using Natures Multi-Vitamin!

Spirulina features in my blogs and my Evolution Project cookbooks for some very good reasons, yet some people are a little scared to use this incredible superfood!

Could it be due to the bright green colour?

Or the very distinctive algae smell? Mmm!

Whatever your reasons, put them aside as your body and health truly deserve to enjoy this plant-based Superfood from Mother Nature!

1 Tsp contains –

150 % of your daily Vitamin B12

4 grams of protein

80 % of your daily iron intake

It contains the natural chemical known as PEA, which boosts brain flow, mental focus, and serotonin production-elevating feelings of well-being and happiness.

As you all know, I am all about Superfood smoothies here at Evo and masking Spirulina with cacao, vanilla, maca, vegan protein powder, and even a banana can make all the difference. Just don’t eat it straight off the spoon if you have not tried it before. That’s something only crazy people like me do!

The bright green colour is due to the amount of Chlorophyll that Spirulina contains! Chlorophyll helps balance the body’s acidity and nourishes the body on a cellular level. Helping prevent inflammation, when training, the anti-inflammatory properties found in Spirulina are great for nourishing overworked muscles.

So you see, this is one of nature’s gifts that you just should not ignore!

Here is a little recipe of mine (as I haven’t posted one in a while) to get your taste buds going!

Gems Goodness Bowl (2 servings)

½ Avocado

50g of Spinach and Broccoli each

1 Tsp Ginger

1 Tsp Organic Spirulina

Juice of ½ Organic Lime

1 Pear

2 Dates

250ml Unsweetened Almond Milk

Blend until completely smooth and top with healthy ingredients!


About the Author Gemma Marie Llewellyn

I am the Head Coach and Nutritional Specialist at Evo. I have a huge determination and focus to help empower men and women in fitness and to encourage us to support and champion each other. I have always been extremely passionate about fitness and helping others so being a trainer was the most natural step for me to take. I dedicate my time training people using the best functional skills and tools that give them the body and confidence they have been searching for. To me, good nutrition is not something you have to do, it is what your body deserves in order for you to live life fully energised and uplifted. It is important to me to educate clients in healthy sustainable eating. Well-being is of the body, health and mind and I help develop clients in all areas. I believe that with the right direction this lifestyle is fun and the benefits – unbelievably rewarding!