Our COVID-19 policy; keeping our members safe

We want to make clear that our number one priority is the safety of our teams and our members (our Warriors). Things will look a little different, but we believe that together we can continue to provide you with an awesome health and fitness experience. In line with Government advice, we will be incorporating extensive cleaning protocols and social distancing practices throughout Evo.

Key measures include:

Before entry:

  • Using the Zen Planner App, Warriors will have to check themselves into their classes, this is to support track and trace
  • Warriors will need to queue outside for their classes, sticking to the ground markings to maintain social distancing
  • Temperature checks will be completed before Warriors enter either of the gyms
  • If you bring a towel, we will need you to keep it on your mat and with you at all times
  • Bring a water bottle with you! You can use the water fountain to fill up your water bottle but you won’t be able to drink from the fountain.

Upon entry:

  • Hand sanitiser stations will be in reception and throughout the gym – everyone will be asked to sanitise their hands upon entry
  • Warriors will need to follow the new one-way system; all doors will be open for increased ventilation – just follow the arrows!

Once inside, we have:


  • Enhanced cleaning schedules to maintain high level of hygiene, i.e. all equipment will be sanitised between classes, including new mats for your own area
  • Reduced class occupancy to allow for social distancing.
  • Classes in the big gym – 15 people max
  • Classes in the little gym – 6 people max
  • Created space in the gym to enable exercising at a safe distance.
  • Cones will mark out spaces
  • Boxing bags have been separated
  • Closed all changing rooms as we focus our cleaning and sanitation efforts on the gym and equipment
  • Before you go, we will ask you to clean your equipment as well

What else?

  • The entire Evo team have completed training and a full risk assessment has been made, in line with government advice.
  • Gem’s Kitchen will remain closed as we focus on getting everyone safely back into the gym.
  • We ask that Little Warriors remain at home for now. This is to ensure we can manage our numbers, social distancing, and track & trace. At this early stage we must keep the team and members safe. We hope to welcome them back soon!

Things are different, but we are doing our best to ensure our team and all Warriors remain safe while enjoying the Evo experience! We ask that everyone be polite, patient and observe all notices and that no one comes to the club if they are feeling unwell.

Team Evo x

About the Author James L

It has been my dream and passion to create a new, exciting and unique fitness experience unlike anything seen before. When you come here you will discover a passion for training and natural nutrition. This will change your life and transform your body back to its natural, beautiful state. Everything in life begins with your health and your happiness. Your Career, house and the money in your bank are meaningless without having the health and confidence to enjoy it. If there was a place that could transform your body, inspire and motivate you to reach your highest potential in life would you be interested? If there was a place that could show you the quickest path to the body of your dreams, reverse your ageing process and give you a new passion for life….would you take that chance? This is our purpose at Evo and what we strive to deliver to all those who come through our doors. I promise you that coming here will be an enriching experience that will change your body and your life. I look forward to meeting every one of you and guiding you to the body you desire. Which in turn will give you the confidence and happiness that you deserve.