There Is nothing wrong with ‘Starting Over Again!

As a mum I find there are lots of ups and downs with time and energy.

Like many of us, there may be periods where we have been good for a while with food and exercise and then for various reasons (night out / holiday / baby / work-life balance) we find ourselves slipping off that path into a more processed and lethargic lifestyle with the promise of ‘starting over again’ once the guilt sets in.

We can experience emotions such as guilt, anger, sadness and disappointment! We need to understand that firstly….we are not alone and secondly…think about why that mindset will always hold us back and needs to change!

So many of us feel shame and judge ourselves for not being perfect! It is important to remember that everyone has ups and downs and there is NOTHING wrong with that.
The less negativity we attach to our ‘less productive’ actions, the easier it will be to move forward and ‘start again’ whether it be food, exercise, mindset or a combination of all 3.

Understand we are already beautiful and we are already worthy!

Positive actions such as exercise and eating well for our bodies are just a reinforcement of this and not to be used as a consequence for what we deem ‘bad decisions’.

Falling off the healthy path – isn’t shameful
Having time where we are less mindful on our food/drink – shouldn’t make us feel disappointed
A holiday should be a happy trip – not a guilt trip
And every mother on the planet knows juggling motherhood with nutrition/exercise is like juggling with both hands tied behind your back!

We need to connect with our inner self and be gentle.

Yes, the holiday, night out, few weeks or even months, wasn’t that productive in terms of health and wellness, but accept those moments for what they were, don’t connect any blame and let them go focus on the now and what will serve us moving forward.

What can you achieve today/this week?
What will happen if you eat healthy, train hard?
How will it make you feel?
How much more energy will it give you?
What will it do to your mood?
Day by day, start now and move forward!

One of the strongest associations to improve our viewpoint is affirmations – what we say, becomes our reality! Choose statements to empower you rather than disarm!
‘I choose to love myself, now, as I am and not just when I reach my goals’
‘I eat and enjoy natural foods that heal, strengthen and energise my body’
‘Every exercise I do helps me feel stronger and fitter– no matter the rep/weight range

Let’s thank ourselves for being strong enough to ‘start again’ moving forward and creating the best version possible.

Let’s be kind with ourselves when we have days that don’t target those goals.
Let’s love ourselves regardless of our shape/size and fitness ability.
Let’s remember to be present, we don’t need to change the past!
Be in THIS moment and use our power to decide who we want to be now.

We are all doing our best, however many bumps in our journey, so who cares how many times we ‘start over again.’ What matters is to always TRY and be the best you. There is nothing more beautiful then proving to yourself just how strong you are!
If you need some help “starting over” come and see us anytime.

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Gem xx

About the Author Gemma Marie Llewellyn

I am the Head Coach and Nutritional Specialist at Evo. I have a huge determination and focus to help empower men and women in fitness and to encourage us to support and champion each other. I have always been extremely passionate about fitness and helping others so being a trainer was the most natural step for me to take. I dedicate my time training people using the best functional skills and tools that give them the body and confidence they have been searching for. To me, good nutrition is not something you have to do, it is what your body deserves in order for you to live life fully energised and uplifted. It is important to me to educate clients in healthy sustainable eating. Well-being is of the body, health and mind and I help develop clients in all areas. I believe that with the right direction this lifestyle is fun and the benefits – unbelievably rewarding!