Holiday Health and Happiness Evaluation

So i have been quiet recently as i have been away to my second home-IBIZA where i am actually getting married next year!!! YAY (and finally i might add-after 6years)! 🙂 hehe sorry James!

Sometimes life is so full to the brim that having time away in a peaceful setting can make you really reflect on where you are and where you want to be heading. Working for myself i have found to be incredibly rewarding but so utterly consuming at the same time. 

Sometimes it takes a person or incident outside of your normal zone to help jolt you into a ‘life evaluation’ as i like to call it. I am a very spiritual person and walking around Dalt Vila in Ibiza i came across a very spiritual palm reader who to me, helped me reach out for that life evaluation, which included a few tears on my part! (James thought we looked like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean) hehe. 

Regardless, the situation helped me with focusing on what i had temporarily forgotten…my dreams…ambitions and goals. These should always be forefront in your mind. Why live life if not to be present in and pursue the very things that make you happy. Of course life does and can get in the way…but it is important to make sure your mind is as healthy as your does not work well without the other.

Remember to take time in your day for you; meditate, walk in nature or sit and be still…once happiness comes back in more and more, creativity follows and then so do your dreams and desires….

Steps to increase HAPPINESS:

Judge less and ACCEPT MORE

Talk less and LISTEN MORE

Fear less and LOVE MORE

Watch less and DO MORE

Think less and FEEL MORE

Complain less and APPRECIATE MORE

Frown less and SMILE MORE

They are oldies but they work and are really worth trying…The first thing i do when i wake up is smile, sometimes i catch James and I smiling at the same time and it is hilarious, grinning in bed like a couple of cheshire cats… sounds so silly, but try starting the day bad when you have been smiling from the moment you get up…

Wishing you love 🙂 

About the Author Gemma Marie Llewellyn

I am the Head Coach and Nutritional Specialist at Evo. I have a huge determination and focus to help empower men and women in fitness and to encourage us to support and champion each other. I have always been extremely passionate about fitness and helping others so being a trainer was the most natural step for me to take. I dedicate my time training people using the best functional skills and tools that give them the body and confidence they have been searching for. To me, good nutrition is not something you have to do, it is what your body deserves in order for you to live life fully energised and uplifted. It is important to me to educate clients in healthy sustainable eating. Well-being is of the body, health and mind and I help develop clients in all areas. I believe that with the right direction this lifestyle is fun and the benefits – unbelievably rewarding!