Tom Hamstead

I was always a skinny child, with eating disorders and extreme weight loss being a constant thoughout my childhood and adolescence, but through me finding training and delving deeper into everything from nutrition to biomechanics it has allowed me to become a version of myself I am proud of, whilst still striving to progress further.

Through my BSc Sport and Exercise Science I have been allowed to gain a more technical and in-depth view on everything there is to know about training and the way the human body functions both in and out of training, making me that much more confident to undertake any challenge a client throws at me and still enable them to get the physique they dream of.

My determination and passion for my own fitness goals and performance has only bettered the development of my knowledge and skills as a coach, with my knowledge and enthusiasm for my personal journey to step on a bodybuilding stage and be one of the best being mirrored in my execution as a coach.

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