John Humphreys

Fitness has been my passion since a young age. Working at The Evolution Project has allowed me to help members achieve their goals without sacrificing their happiness and lifestyle. I find my job rewarding when I see the improvements in confidence, strength and wellbeing of our members.

I have trained for over 25 years now – using different techniques for different goals from muscle building to fat loss and almost everything in between. I know how it feels to be really fit and I know how it feels to be not so fit, from serious injuries to mental struggles; I’ve been there, so I’m able to both empathise and understand some of our member’s challenges.

I believe training should be enjoyable, so I work hard to ensure that the classes have a great balance of effectiveness and fun.

I am a proactive and supportive coach with a background in both Personal and Training development. I can help and empower you to set and accomplish your goals, to push yourself further than you ever thought possible and truly reach your potential; leaving you feeling healthier, stronger and ultimately happier with a great sense of achievement.

Specialist Areas
– Weight Training
– Fat Loss
– Strength Training

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