I can't recommend Evo enough! I am 14 weeks in and have never felt better. I have lost nearly 2 stone and much physically fitter. The trainers are great and really take the time to guide and motivate you with different workouts every session. Give it a go and you won't look back!

Andy Harris

Brilliant workout classes that really work, I've been a member since June & I'm hooked! I'm a working mum & found it hard to be motivated on my own- Evo have changed that and now I can't wait for each class and find it real me time. I've toned up loads, dropped a dress size & lost weight. Can't recommend them enough.

Andrea Barber

​Love Evo! It's the friendliest gym I've ever been to! Every class is different so your always working different muscle groups and never get bored! I actually enjoy working out now. Wouldn't train anywhere else!
Thank you Team Evo

Emma Elliott

​Joining Evo was the best decision I ever made. The trainers are amazing and all the members are so friendly. It's not like a normal gym with the lads lads grouped in the corner groaning over weights. I do things I would never have done if went to a gym on my own and there's no one sitting on a bike watching a movie on their mobile! Easily the best gym ever! Thank you warriors xx

Kristie Molly Isabel Vance

​Great place to workout, so friendly not clicky which a lot of gyms are.makes everyone welcome all different ages, shapes and sizes and everyone is equal here. But definitely one of the best gyms around has done a lot for me in fitness, health and state of mind and I couldn't be without Evo now. X

Ceri Edney

​This place is unique and I love it. It has so many advantages over traditional gyms and 'bootcamps'. Every class is different. The trainers are friendly and knowledgeable and really get to know you as an individual and push you to progress. It's sociable which for me is a massive plus over traditional gyms - I've made some great friends here. Using all the different weights and equipment has made amazing differences to my body that no gym or class I've been to before has ever done.

James Walsh

Our Goal & Passion Is Helping You Achieve Results Beyond Your Expectations !

​Evo had taught me how to push myself and make real changes to my physique and diet. I feel part of a family and have met so many amazing people. I would recommend anyone who wants to feel stronger, fitter and more confident to pay them a visit ��

Francesca Egerton

​I joined evo just over four months ago having reached just short of 22 stone with their help and guidance in this four months I have now come down to 16 stone 10 pounds and have lost nearly 8 inches off my waist , have tried many types of dieting training and failed but this is fun and rewarding at the same time cannot recommend it enough

Nathan Bone

​Evo has changed my life, I have dropped 2 dress sizes, 12 to an 8, lost a stone in weight and built up strength I never thought I could achieve. For all of that I am a much more positive person. I literally couldn't live without EVO! The PT's are wonderful and make every class different and challenge us to achieve our full potential! Gemma has helped me so much with my nutrition I will never be going back to my old ways, I feel great!

Cayleigh Shanks

​Literally do not know where to start! Evo to me is not just a gym or a place to train, it is a community and a massive part of my life. I joined up for an 8 week challenge in Feb 2015 and I have never looked back since. I had great results on my challenge and although I have had ups and downs since, I have never been so motivated to work out and the Evolution Project has opened my eyes to so much more including OCR's which I now take part in on a regular basis. The trainers are friendly, dedicated and always there to help you on your journey. ���

Nikki Shenton

​Start with a cliche but my life has literally changed for the better since joining in January 2015. I went thinking I would get fitter and healthy, and I am- but so much more I have gained also. Friends, a knowledge and a second home. Join- you will never regret it!

Laura Fox

​I joined evo on one of their 8 week challenges. By the end I had lost over a stone in weight and had lost inches of my waist. I am still with them 10 months later and have lost more fat and am stronger & fitter than ever before in my life. Each session is different and a full workout. everyone is friendly and welcoming. The instructors know what they are doing and motivate us in lots of ways. I can't praise evo enough.

Neil Walton

Our Goal & Passion Is Helping You Achieve Results Beyond Your Expectations !

3 weeks into my 8 week plan and loving the results! Better than any diet or gym I have tried before! Love the sessions, the friendly atmosphere and support you get from all the trainers!

Charlotte Whymark

​Was really scared to go, but bit the bullet after seeing FB ad and went on my own. Love it!! It's the only thing that has worked for me, tried gyms, aerobics, the lots, I get bored too easily with that sort of thing. This is the only thing I've stuck at. Never been so fit and met lots of great people, don't think about it, just do it 🙂

Nicki Benson

I can't say enough about this place and the people who run it and attend it. If you are nervous or skeptical don't be. They are dedicated to not only changing your nutrition and physical exercise but your outlook on life. Whatever shape size and level you are at; it makes no difference, they will accommodate and adapt to your needs. We all train together. #evo warriors.

Ps on my 8 week challenge I lost 19lb in body fat, gained 4lb lean muscle and lost 4 inches off my waist. Be prepared to change your wardrobe.

Chris Wootton

Wow what a difference, thank you Sam for all your encouragement and support. I know it's been hard work but I've enjoyed every minute of it. I signed up for my first half marathon in March and I realised how unfit I was, so it pushed me to get help .When I started the eight week programme I new I was not fit enough , changing my diet and attending the sessions has changed my lifestyle for the best. I did struggle with the diet at the beginning and sending in my food diary to Gem every week , and getting feedback on what I need to change has made a difference. The biggest challenge was cutting down on coffee and cutting out chocolate , adding cacao to my warrior shake does take away the cravings.

I'm glad I found EVO because I can fit in different sessions any time and I know I can still get a good work out. Thank you to all the EVO instructors. ���

Ariel Sea