Weight Training Techniques That will Boost Your Results

Lifting weights improves your health, increases your strength and makes your body more lean and defined! However, It is important that you follow these 5 basic principles to ensure you get the results you want to achieve!

Train Evenly – You main focus when training may be to see more definition in one main area such as your arms, or your glutes, or your abs. However, to obtain these results, you need to train your body evenly. You need to realize that you cannot spot-reduce fat. You do not determine where your body puts fat on or where you want to lose it. When you train your whole body, you will see fat reduction from those trouble areas and your body as a whole.

Push Yourself – You need to give your body a reason to change. When you start to feel comfortable with an exercise, either increase the weight or the number of reps. Doing this will help your body transform. It may feel hard to push yourself at first, but it will be worth it when you start to see and feel the results!

Form Matters – Using proper form is vital-every time! Know the proper form for the exercises that you are doing, know what muscle you are targeting, and make sure you do not lift too heavy that it alters your form and puts your body at risk.

Rest Up – When you sleep, your body enters a deeper resting state. During this state your body can focus on recovering and healing.
Give yourself time to rest in between training days to maximize your results.

Fuel Your Body – When you workout, you are breaking down your muscles and causing microscopic tears. Your muscle needs the right food to heal and come back stronger and more defined. Lean proteins, water and natural nutrition throughout the day will help your body perform to its highest in your workouts!

These five guides of weight training will ensure that you get great results while training as safely and effectively as possible. It is great to train for health and results, but it is important that you always train properly.

Each time you strength train it should feel like a challenge, finish each workout feeling proud with what you have achieved in your session.




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About the Author Gemma Marie Llewellyn

I am the Head Coach and Nutritional Specialist at Evo. I have a huge determination and focus to help empower men and women in fitness and to encourage us to support and champion each other. I have always been extremely passionate about fitness and helping others so being a trainer was the most natural step for me to take. I dedicate my time training people using the best functional skills and tools that give them the body and confidence they have been searching for. To me, good nutrition is not something you have to do, it is what your body deserves in order for you to live life fully energised and uplifted. It is important to me to educate clients in healthy sustainable eating. Well-being is of the body, health and mind and I help develop clients in all areas. I believe that with the right direction this lifestyle is fun and the benefits – unbelievably rewarding!