Seven ways to beat the stress cycle

Here at Evo we are focused on helping our members with both their physical and mental health.

We know how important exercise is to managing stress and maintaining all aspects of health.

In a recent Brené Brown podcast, Brené discusses burnout with Emily and Amelia Nagoski, co-authors of Burnout – Solve Your Stress Cycle. They identify some incredible insights and advice and we love the specific advice about the seven best ways to end the stress cycle:

  1. Physical activity: this, they say, is the “first line of attack” and can be anything from walking, dancing, weightlifting or yoga.
  2. Breathing exercises: take big, slow deep breaths – try breathing in for four, holding for four and breathing out for six – over 90 seconds. This engages your parasympathetic nervous system by regulating the central nervous system.
  3. Positive social interaction: building a connection with people gives a homely feeling of safety.
  4. Laughter: not polite laughter, but the kind of snorting, proper belly laughter!
  5. Affection: a 20-second hug can change your hormones, lower your blood pressure and improve your mood.
  6. Have a big cry: learn to set what’s upsetting you aside and focus on the physical sensation of crying, without feeding why you’re crying in the first place – see it through to its conclusion.
  7. Creative expression: arts and crafts, sketching, DIY or knitting – the act of making something allows you to channel feelings into something positive and tangible. It allows your imagination time to be free.

At Evo we host classes every week that allow you to take part in physical activity, we have yoga classes (when we can) and these allow you to focus on your breathing. We are a community first so the social connection and interaction you get here will be like no other.

We laugh every day. As a team, with our members and we inject our energy and passion to help you into every class.

When it’s safe, we love a good hug and we have chatted to our members while some have had a big cry.

Life can be tough, and being part of our community has helped so many of our members this year – don’t take our word for it, this is what one of our members had to say just last week:

“I am probably fitter now than ever before. Without you guys that would not be possible.

When I first joined I could not do a squat as my knees were so tight. So much has changed and now I am encouraging others to get fit and taking small steps.

I joined the boxing class which takes me out of my comfort zone but it is so much fun. Challenging my brain to remember and my body to keep up.

Sorry for going on but without you all, I would be in a dark place. Having said that I love the honesty of the team and members as we all have tough weeks as dark days. Together we stay strong.

Have a great day and please share with the team to encourage them.

Take care and keep going.”

About the Author James L

It has been my dream and passion to create a new, exciting and unique fitness experience unlike anything seen before. When you come here you will discover a passion for training and natural nutrition. This will change your life and transform your body back to its natural, beautiful state. Everything in life begins with your health and your happiness. Your Career, house and the money in your bank are meaningless without having the health and confidence to enjoy it. If there was a place that could transform your body, inspire and motivate you to reach your highest potential in life would you be interested? If there was a place that could show you the quickest path to the body of your dreams, reverse your ageing process and give you a new passion for life….would you take that chance? This is our purpose at Evo and what we strive to deliver to all those who come through our doors. I promise you that coming here will be an enriching experience that will change your body and your life. I look forward to meeting every one of you and guiding you to the body you desire. Which in turn will give you the confidence and happiness that you deserve.