“Give us 8 weeks and we will totally transform your body. Rapid results are guaranteed or you will receive a full refund”

Are you frustrated that you are not losing weight fast enough? Fed up of all the misleading bullshit about diet and exercise?

Do you look in the mirror and wish for a flat and toned stomach with an all over body definition?

Do you sometimes find training boring and lack motivation and inspiration? Do you wish there was a quick and effective fix?

We have limited space on our 12 Week Transformation programme beginning in January.

Please note this is not for,

  • People who are not willing to change their eating habits
  • People are not willing to make the time to exercise
  • People who do not value how important their body and health is.

We understand how hard it can be to find an exercise and diet routine that ACTUALLY works. If you do not see fast results you lose motivation and end up falling off the wagon. When you don’t have the body you desire it affects your confidence and makes you depressed. The longer you let the problem go on the harder it feels to make a change.

Our 12 Week Transformation Programme has PROVEN results with over 200 clients. Our nutrition and exercise system is one of the most effective programmes available in the UK.

We took the most effective training techniques from across the entire fitness industry and combined them with a nutrition plan that yields rapid results.

This programme WILL work no matter what your fitness levels or background is.

Your results happen quickly. You will see your body become lean, tone up and become healthier than ever before.

  • We use the most effective training techniques so you will see rapid results.
  • We use a full body weight training system, which will tone up your entire physique.
  • Our nutrition plan is so simple and effective you will find it easy to follow.
  • Our training is fun and inspirational which means you will stick to the programme.
  • We work from a state of the art training center with ample class times to choose from.

For the month of January only we are offering limited 10-day taster trials for a massively discounted £9.99 (Usual price £25)

If you are ready to transform your body and start your journey then sign up today

You are under no obligation to become a full member when joining the trial.


Our number one priority is keeping our customers happy and getting them results. If you do achieve fast results on our programme we will offer you a full refund at any point.

Sign Up for our trial today and you will receive.

10 days unlimited classes

Free 10 day detox diet plan

A chance to work our with a great group of people