The 3 Habits Of Happy People!

Something I hear from many of my members at The Evolution Project, Camberley is – I want to feel happy; I want to be full of happiness! Stress and anxiety can have negative effects on our bodies, our health and our potential in our beautiful wonderful lives! So many of us stop pursuing our dreams, […]

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Lessons From Autumn!

I love all seasons but Autumn I believe really shows a message to all of us! When you are out in nature, look around you and what do you see?! The trees are showing you just how beautiful ‘letting go’ can be! Over the years as I have seen members at my gym – The Evolution […]

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Fighting Cancer With Flax Seeds!

The link between cancer and nutrition is irrefutable. There are more studies and research than ever before linking bad diet with different types of cancer. A food source that is constantly mentioned in studies due its cancer fighting attributes is Flaxseed. Not only is Flaxseed an ideal source of dietary fiber, omega 3 fat, it […]

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