Have You Noticed Your Results?!

Working at The Evolution Project, Camberley I love seeing all the incredible results we deliver to people on a weekly basis! However it is really important to notice the changes that cannot be measured with instruments but can still show you just how all the benefits of training and eating well are really paying off! […]

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Have You Got Back Appeal?

Training your back not only strengthens it and improves your posture, but it makes you look longer and more defined! A sculpted, lean back is something most of us look to have to increase our confidence and to show off our hard work in the gym! But did you know training your back come with […]

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Top 5 Ways To A Flat Stomach!

A well-defined stomach is something that many people at The Evolution Project, Camberley strive to achieve as well as increasing their health and fitness! I want to put it out there that NO amount of sit-ups are ever going to change your body if your nutrition, mindset and overall exercise routine are not all geared […]

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