Why you should be getting enough!

Hi Everyone! Check out these must have fruit and veg that should always be a staple part of your diet! Tomatoes – Rich in Vitamin CAvocado – Good fat and lowers your cholesterolSpinach – Protein source and anti inflammatory Cucumber – Hydrates the bodyKale – high in Protein and Iron Grapefruit – Helps detox the bodyBerries – […]

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Weight Training Benefits!

At Evo we always include weights in your training, read on and see exactly how you are changing your body for the better!  Increases lean muscle – helping increase your metabolic rate and burn that body fat.Lowers blood pressure, bad cholesterol, stress and anxiety.Shapes and contours your body into perfection. Increased muscle strength, power, endurance and […]

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Are you HIITing on me?

  Lose Body Fat, Tone up and get fit QUICKLY! –Seriously! High Intensity Interval Training – Here’s why we use it and what we are doing to you (aside from the sweat/exhaustion/nightmares about donkey kicks!) HIIT is a form of exercise we love using at Evo in which you alternate between very intense cardio periods […]

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