Free Yourself From Judgment

Free yourself from judgement, mindfulness tips to create positivity

One thing that I find so common with my members at The Evolution Project, Camberley and a lot of people I know (including myself) is how hard we judge ourselves. It is heart-breaking! Why is it so much easier to focus on the negatives and what we are not doing right/could do better then the […]

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Start Using Natures Multi-Vitamin!

Spirulina features in my blogs and my Evolution Project cookbooks for some very good reasons, yet some people are a little scared to use this incredible superfood! Could it be due to the bright green colour? Or the very distinctive algae smell? Mmm! Whatever your reasons, put them aside as your body and health truly […]

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Mental Tricks To Improve Your Workouts!

Rest, Recovery, Nutrition are all important when being prepared to smash a workout, but it’s the mental preparation beforehand that will connect your focus, energy, and effort into every workout! Create A Positive Attitude! Creating a positive attitude is crucial when it comes getting workout results. Think about how much more energized and focused you […]

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How Positive Healthy Vibes Create Success!

A positive vibe is a healthy emotional state that you have complete control over. Your vibe and your best self! Sounds empowering, doesn’t it? Research constantly shows that positive actions build better skills, boost immune function, and improves our goal outcomes! Wake Your Body Up With Exercise! Exercise is vital to creating positive vibes! Ever […]

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